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Wed, Feb. 18th, 2015, 12:38 am

"Hi Mark - I’ve just heard back from our curator and he has checked your article and is happy with the content.  Hope you get many readers! All the best, Jennifer Rowley Bowen - House Steward"

Finally had the last sign-off for the second Snowshill article. So, so pleased to not only  have had the National Trust onboard this time, but to have them happy with the piece. Will be sending it off to Mike at the Cauldron later this week, so it'll hopefully be in May's issue. Cannot adequetely express what a painful joy it was to research and write. I'm sure that there's plenty more to find out about the minutia of the collection, but nothing too groundbreaking I'm sure. Seriously considering writing a proper book on the subject as both articles were edited for magazine publication - there's so much more supremely geeky lameness I could go into. Plus, any excuse to spend more time in the library at the museum in Boscastle - best place ever!

Witches Garret - Snowshill Manor - 1956

The past week has been pretty mental, with Die being put through the emotional mangle during KC's tour. Really bummed out for them that he's turned into such a mercurial idiot; if it wasn't for the rest of the band being such sweethearts the experience would have been proper lame. However, it was pretty rad seeing B, Katie and Nala for gig / afterparty / sleepy drives home! Last night's party in Liverpool was particularly rad - dancing to Cyndi Lauper and Prince at 2am on a schoolnight and drinking up from red plastic Bronze cups was pretty sick!

Started the first round of eBay madness this week - getting rid of some little men to make room for more little men other things. Plus, could really do with building up the making the house look prettier fund too! The big lot will be my old
Imperial Guard army which I'm hoping to get around £700 for. Will also be getting rid of my He-Man, that is once I've finished washing 25 years of attic crust off the vehicles and castles! Strangely un-moved to be selling what was my first obsession. Might keep Skeletor around, he could guard the attic with Mr T and Napoleon.

As we've had so much on recently and given that I'm working odd shifts at work to cover illness and stuff, I've not been skating that much What's made it doublely lame is that every time I've visited the Boneyard I've spent the whole time in the office helping to re-design a large chunk of the park. They really are in a bad position financially right now and I reckon I'm going to have to sack off the Skateistan fundraiser and just concentrate on fundraising for the park instead - bum times indeed. Still, pretty sure that whe we finally do start on the rebuild it'll be a success. Going to be pushing hard for inaccessable, stupidly whippy ramps because I'm a skate masochist. On that note, here's some Deerman.

Wed, Feb. 18th, 2015 08:40 pm (UTC)

So proud of you for that article.

We have to keep Mr T and Skeletor, they're bezzies :p xx

Tue, Feb. 24th, 2015 06:16 pm (UTC)

You'll have to tell me where to read this stuff, sounds interesting. Write a book and have it bound by that exciting company!!