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Thu, Apr. 2nd, 2015, 01:06 am

Die and I have now been together for ten years. I'm so, so grateful that they haven't discovered that I'm a total goon yet. Lets all keep that a secret for another ten yeah? While Empires burn down, forever and ever and ever and ever / If I have to switch the lights off, I want to switch them off with you.

Shh people!

Tempus fugit and all that jazz

The past few weeks have been extremely busy. There's been loads of work at the Boneyard, rebuilding and revamping an entire third of the park to make it a little more appealing to the cool kids. It's turned out amazingly and everyone seems proper hyped on it. A particular treat is the bank to rail - it's been an experience learning to skate it as we've never had anything like it at the park and it's the kind of thing that would freak me out in the wild. Who'd of thought I'd ever skate proper rails? I've also been pretty busy at work attempting to justify an award that I won recently. I've been on quite a few of the idols evenings in the past, but ended up winning being one of seven people who got one of the new platinum awards. I was the last to be awarded one and recieved a standing ovation from everyone which freaked me out a little. it was really nice, but I kind of wanted to hide  the entire time. One day they'll work out that I just walk about and drink tea all day and that'll be me buggered! Still, stoked on the £50 M&S voucher - not so stoked on the portrait of me looking like a French Duke though. In the past week, we've had the wonderful Megan up for a few days and have had a few great nights out; the evening with Arthur Brown being a particular treat. Last weekend was a bit of a blur, with a very brief trip down to Coventry to see the family after Issac's christening, which I thankfully managed to get out of. It was great to see the family for the meal though, stoked that Sarah, Valentino and Issac are doing well. We've a few gigs coming up soon too - Adam Ant and Dav Ford in Liverpool this month and Los Savages in Bristol in May!

Both Die and I have a few days off to celebrate our decade of mutual retardedness. Yesterday we visited Chirk castle for a long walk and plan to have a few drinks at the Tap tonight. We've Oswestry antiques fair on Friday and a meal with Liz and Frank at the Botanist on Saturday. I'm hoping to get another skate in and also get some painting done too! Right, I could elaborate on more stuff, but I'm super tired and I'd rather be snuggled up in bed with Die.

Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2015 12:27 am (UTC)

Sending lots of congratulatory feels on all the social mediums <3 Hope you guys have a rad weekend. x