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Sat, Aug. 29th, 2015, 10:32 pm

It wasn't too long ago when the idea of putting a goth night on in Chester seemed like an impossible task. For a start, there's very few appropriate venues, the fact I'd never dj'ed or ran something that wasn't a skate event, not to mention a very small audience in Chester to cater for such a night. However, with the help of some planetary alignment, supplications to Ganesha and the pull of Die's birthday, it all seemed to work out pretty well. Infact, it's something that Die and I are really looking forward to doing again later next month and hope to keep on doing in the future. Last Rites is officially a thing and I hope it'll have people hyped on going out in Chester for a change.

Things are pretty good right now. I've had a kind of promotion at work as well as a payrise and although it's pretty busy, it's rad to be doing something new. On top of doing my usual rounds and looking after all the v/c guff, I'm now looking after several soft-service contacts and creating new project management standardisation templates for our facilities team. Pretty out of my depth being sat behind a desk for half the day, but I've managed to keep my head above the water so far. That said, the novelty of having a desk at work still hasn't worn off - being able to listen to music at work off the computer is awesome!

Had a few amazing weekends recently too. Melon came down for a day or two a few weeks back for a skate. We had such a rad time hitting up spots in Liverpool before geeking out on our shared GW and Lego obsessions. Not too long ago Die and I went down to Bristol for the DLH fun day and had a blast. Bristol is always an amazing place to visit and it was great to hang out and skate with the crew down there. I'll never get bored of sessioning with Pob, Sam, Dave and the crew! On the way back from Bristol we visited the Snowshill costume collection at Berrington Hall and fell in love with Charles Paget Wade some more. This weekend saw Mystery Steve visit from Lancaster and it's been great getting to skate with him again. It's always rad seeing any of the Barrow dudes, especially being able to inroduce them to the Boneyard. We had the addtional treat of skating a new spot in town too before having a surprisingly good night at Grind - so stoked to hear that he's doing well and really hope to hang out with him and Becca soon.

Pretty excited about the rest of the weekend too. We've around 2000 Civil War re-enactors in Chester right now and both Die and I are in full-geek mode. It was amazing (and pretty intimidating) to see them all march in through the east gate. Very much looking forward to seeing the battle tomorrow and getting to walk through the encampment on the Roodee.

Agh, so tired, very relieved that it's a Bank Holiday weekend!