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Tue, Nov. 24th, 2015, 10:15 pm

The days of being able to get away with writing LJ updates at work are now long gone, as are the days in which there were comfortable amounts of time inbetween jobs at work. Responsibility has well and truely caught up with me (after what - nine years?) and it's proper lame. Things should be winding down a little in the next few weeks as the amount of roles I'm covering drop from three to two. Even so, it feels like a watershed moment and I'm not liking it right now at all. However, on the positive side, I've been given a payrise and all the overtime I want, so I shouldn't be too bummed out - just wish I didn't feel so anxious and jaded when I finally get home.

It's not all lame though, the past few weeks have had some great things happen. Firstly, my 32nd birthday was fun. Die spolit me rotten as they are want to do and gift me a copy of 'Spirit of the House' by Kate Murray. The book is really hard to get hold of and features illustrations by everyone's favourite Uncle, Charles Paget Wade, and from what I've read so far, the central male character seems to be based on him too! I also had some great cards and some money to spend on skateboarding and little men, which is always good. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Milla and Billy as well as fleeting visit from Megan in which much radness was had. It's always a pleasure getting to hang out with that crew and we had some great days and nights out. I'm so stoked that Die and Milla had a good time in Ireland and Die came back oozing confidence - I'm buzzing that they've got the travel bug back. Very much hoping that we can start planning trips again soon!

There's been some grim happenings with the crew over in Liverpool (which would be wrong to illustrate here) that well and truely tarnished the usually bouyant Halloween celebrations. Sadly I feel that events may have permanantly damaged the social fabric and it's going to be awkward in the extreme seeing certain people again. Both Die and I are really bummed and torn over what has occured and I'm hoping that the passage of time gives some clarity and truth. Until then, it looks like Last Rites may now be the only dedicated Goth night in the Chester / Liverpool area.

There's been some really good stuff happening with skating recently though! Weasel asked me if I'd be keen shooting a little advert for the Mersey Grit / Bold Street Coffee cruiser collaboration a few weeks back. Was lucky enough to have Chester's finest Owain John on filming duties too! The whole thing was really good fun to make and despite still nursing a janky knee, it turned out rad! Here's the edit that came out just the other day,..

Owain has recently finished his amazing documentary on the Boneyard which I was lucky enough to help out with too. There's some great footage from the various incarnations of the park since it was first built in 1996 and the interviews with all the usual suspects really shed some light on why it's such a great place. Owain got some great footage of the crew too, so stoked to have been involved!

In lame hobby news, I finally finished off my RT inspired Alaitoc Eldar and have now got the bug for painting RT era orks, specifically the amazing Kev Adams sculpts. Melon and Pob have kindly furnished me with several amazing figures and sets (including the classic Ork Battlewagon - cheers Melon!) that are all in the process of being painted up right now. Add to that the amazing new figures from 'Wild in the Streets' and some old Warhammer figures I'm keen to work on, the Winter project diary seems to be properly filled!

Bringing everything up to date, I'm currently sat at home whilst Die is out at the Green Jelly gig at the Compass. After the day I've had I just couldn't dig myself out of the work-head hole and I'm starting to to wish I'd gone to have exorcised those demons. Saying that, I've had the chance to do some more painting and listen to really bad 90's dance music without being verbally/physically abused.

No shame.

Sun, Nov. 29th, 2015 08:31 am (UTC)

Sorry to hear that you've been having some bum times with social groups and work - lucky you and Die have each other to depend on and mess around with x

Yesss to more travel - enjoy!

Thu, Dec. 3rd, 2015 11:20 pm (UTC)

Yeah, we're good, should keep that in mind more often. I was hoping it'd calm down a little this week but it's still been balls because everyone in the office seems to be ill - the cheek!

Yeah, going to have to save up a little, but that should be easier now. Really want to make it over to Melbourne again, miss your end loads.

Sat, Dec. 5th, 2015 07:44 pm (UTC)

Only just getting caught up with LJ and aw dude, I'm part of a crew? I feel so honoured! :D Sorry it was so fleeting though, stupid UK being so (relatively) big! (actually, it's not so much the distance (only like 3.5 hours of quality power nap-time; more like train fares + time off form work = groan.) Definitely need to fit in more hang out times in 2016 though! (I think something of this ilk is said every year but yanno.) Die and I were totally having a chat in that nice bar we all went to on the Saturday(?) about how we really need to say 'screw distance' when it comes to hanging out when we live so relatively close (same island innit?)

Sorry work seems so shittily busy lately, hope it calms down asap! I guess more responsibility is always good for the ol' CV but in reality is always a 'mare. (My new role at work is like, mega-pressure-ish but I'm enjoying it so far so I'm hoping that continues (the enjoyment, not the pressure!). No training, day 1 I was co-managing 200+ people's work tasks minute by minute! Welp! (My team are all completely rad dudes tough so I'm in good hands.))

Come up to Edin soon and I assure you you may listen to whatever music you wish with impunity!