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Thu, Dec. 31st, 2015, 06:23 pm

Ooof, Yuletime was a bit of a mission this year eh? Despite a mercifully brief concentration of Chrimbo activity, the season has been utterly draining, a fact that wasn't helped by being in work throughout. Usually it's a pretty quiet affair, but the past few days have been stinkers. However, I'm not going to let that detract from what has been a pretty good few weeks. Firstly, despite catching an awful stomach bug, it was great to catch up with family back down in Cov. The whole crew seem to be doing really well - especially stoked on how well Issac's growing up and that James is now getting things sorted after a few sketchy years financially. I've managed to crank out a load of painting recently and have also finished up some reading too!

Christmas itself was cool. I was spoilt by Die (again) and now have enough shortbread and hot chocolate (cheers Megan!) to last me until at least March if I'm not a gut-lord. Pretty sure Die was stoked with their hat that I had commissioned - can't wait to see it as part of their 17th century costume ensemble! Most of the long-weeked was spent trying to not be entirely sedate or to exist soley on melted cheese and panatone; sadly, neither goals were achived. Still didn't feel particulary well rested though, I think the inter-calandery inertia and overwhelming pressure to be festive has exhausted me on some subconscious level. Hopefully the ticking over of the new year will help with that.

2015 is now on it's last legs and we're off to Alan and Becky's for a low-key party. Very odd not to be going over to Liverpool, really hope that it's not too grim over there. It still catches me unaware at times, thinking that we'll just arrive at a club and see all the old pre-implode crowd, drinking and dancing badly. I guess it's a lesson to not take anything for granted. Anyhow, pretty sure Die and I are going to head up to World's End tomorrow and spend sometime amidst the wind and rain - should be a good way to blow out the hangover cobwebs!

Anyway, without being too maudline, I hope everyone has a great start to the new year, you beautiful, beautiful mutants. May 2016 bring all things that are good.  

Thu, Dec. 31st, 2015 10:52 pm (UTC)

I was just saying to a colleague that nothing slows down at Christmas anymore - years gone by, you could expect to be twiddling your thumbs for weeks, now it's emails at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Maybe it's just cos we're advancing up the chain? Either way, balls.

Happy New Year to you, lovely. Thanks for being one of the bright sparks of my 2015 x