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Wed, Feb. 18th, 2015, 12:38 am

"Hi Mark - I’ve just heard back from our curator and he has checked your article and is happy with the content.  Hope you get many readers! All the best, Jennifer Rowley Bowen - House Steward"

Finally had the last sign-off for the second Snowshill article. So, so pleased to not only  have had the National Trust onboard this time, but to have them happy with the piece. Will be sending it off to Mike at the Cauldron later this week, so it'll hopefully be in May's issue. Cannot adequetely express what a painful joy it was to research and write. I'm sure that there's plenty more to find out about the minutia of the collection, but nothing too groundbreaking I'm sure. Seriously considering writing a proper book on the subject as both articles were edited for magazine publication - there's so much more supremely geeky lameness I could go into. Plus, any excuse to spend more time in the library at the museum in Boscastle - best place ever!

Witches Garret - Snowshill Manor - 1956

The past week has been pretty mental, with Die being put through the emotional mangle during KC's tour. Really bummed out for them that he's turned into such a mercurial idiot; if it wasn't for the rest of the band being such sweethearts the experience would have been proper lame. However, it was pretty rad seeing B, Katie and Nala for gig / afterparty / sleepy drives home! Last night's party in Liverpool was particularly rad - dancing to Cyndi Lauper and Prince at 2am on a schoolnight and drinking up from red plastic Bronze cups was pretty sick!

Started the first round of eBay madness this week - getting rid of some little men to make room for more little men other things. Plus, could really do with building up the making the house look prettier fund too! The big lot will be my old
Imperial Guard army which I'm hoping to get around £700 for. Will also be getting rid of my He-Man, that is once I've finished washing 25 years of attic crust off the vehicles and castles! Strangely un-moved to be selling what was my first obsession. Might keep Skeletor around, he could guard the attic with Mr T and Napoleon.

As we've had so much on recently and given that I'm working odd shifts at work to cover illness and stuff, I've not been skating that much What's made it doublely lame is that every time I've visited the Boneyard I've spent the whole time in the office helping to re-design a large chunk of the park. They really are in a bad position financially right now and I reckon I'm going to have to sack off the Skateistan fundraiser and just concentrate on fundraising for the park instead - bum times indeed. Still, pretty sure that whe we finally do start on the rebuild it'll be a success. Going to be pushing hard for inaccessable, stupidly whippy ramps because I'm a skate masochist. On that note, here's some Deerman.

Mon, Jan. 5th, 2015, 08:09 pm

I feel like I must have been one of the only people in the world who was working last Friday New Year falling as it did into an awkward mid-week spot. However, it was pretty quiet as I was covering the helpdesk due to illness so I didn’t have to do the usual 8-9 miles of walking about the building for a change!

New Year was a fantastic night out over at the House of Sue and Pod. They always make everyone feel so welcome and all that came put full effort into their superhero / supervillain costumes.There were some really good ones too – Lowri and Jake came as Wonderwoman and Aquaman and there was an amazing Hong-Kong-Phooey that we collectively renamed ‘Christmas Jar-Jar Binks Burglar’. Die and I went as Captain Hook and Peter Pan respectively, although I opted to forego the Peter element and go as the hoofed deity instead; this was mainly because I’ve been looking for an excuse to make hoof-boots since I saw some in the crazy double-decker sex shop in Hamburg back in 2013. Although I won’t be wearing these particular ones again (because they are like some form of DIY toe torture) I do want to make some proper ones with no duct-tape involvement whatsoever. It’s not for any particular kink, I just think they look proper awesome. I'll just run around the house like some sort of lame satyr. Die’s Captain Hook costume was alarmingly good and the moustache that they slaved away to make really came out well. Kind of wished I could have had a drink, mainly because there was a bath (an entire bath) filled with bottles and cans like some kind of alcoholic pick-an-mix.

New Year’s Day was a sedate affair, culminating in a long-awaited re-watching of ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’, which left Die and I feeling particularly snuggly. It really is the most beautifully shot and crafted film, Tilda Swinton is just wonderful in it. The soundtrack and score is also a thing of spine-teasing joy; so much so that we’ve ordered it so we can play it over and over and over and over.

I’m hesitant to nail any resolutions to the mast of the New Year, but there are definitely things I want to get done in the next few months. The passing of one year to another shouldn’t really be the catalyst to change, but it does strangely underline what has been and what still needs to be done. None of these are important or life-changing, just self-indulgent and transitory – these being namely,…

DJ Slots - I’ve offered and been offered DJ slots at two clubs that we regularly go to and would really like to give it a go. I’ve already downloaded and played around with Virtual DJ, which is fun to use. Going to be playing the usual mix of trad goth, death rock, alt 80’s and industrial - just need to think of a name!

Rogue Trader / Second Edition Eldar Army – This is the main hobby lameness for this year. It’s not actually that big a project and should be fun to do – mainly because I get to paint up all the rad old Harelequin figures!

Ebayageddon – As we’ve spent so much on the house in the past year it’s time I got funds back up to speed. I’ve been thinking about selling off the more modern parts of the sad little man collection for some time, so in late January most of the Imperial Guard and newer parts of my Eldar armies will be up for sale. I’ll also be selling some He-Man and Thundercats guff that I’ve recently brought  back from various attics in Cov, so hopefully that will help out too!

Snowshill Pt Deux - Really need to hassle a certain person to get some more information so I can complete the second part of my article. Very much hoping for it to be agreeable to all parties as I'd hate to cause more division between those it concerns!

Hobby Journal - This I have planned for awhile and have made a start! Here's my GW sadness specific blog-ma-log - http://151reasons.blogspot.co.uk

Wed, Dec. 31st, 2014, 08:06 pm

The last of yuletides embers are burning in the grate of 2014 and at the present time it really does feel like the fag-end of year. That’s probably a slight exaggeration – I’m just a little bitter that I’ve not been able to take any time off from work whilst seemingly everybody else is enjoying lazy mornings in bed or out doing cool things. I really shouldn’t feel so bummed out as Christmas was wonderful this year – a great night out on Christmas eve followed by a lazy morning and a rad dinner around Die’s Mum and Dads. Die really spoilt me this year too – they had a rushlamp commissioned for me and had hand-carved the base for it to sit on. They also bought me a rad pewter pin with the Bear and ragged staff on and a copy of ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’. So, so spoilt. I must admit to being a little lost at thinking of something to get them this year so ended up ordering a book-binding kit from the shop we both spent so much time drooling over in Ludlow, can’t wait to see it all crafted up! Die and I were also lucky enough to have been given some money from reletives this year so that will all go towards the wallpaper fund. We were also gifted the usual (and specifically asked not for) pile of chocolate, which we’re re-distributing as much as possible. Obviously we’ll be keeping a bit, just wish people would listen when we ask them not to buy ridiculous amounts of sweets!

So, as the last hours of this year ebb away, it’s a fair statement to say that for me, it was a good one. Notable points of radness for 2014 included,.

My first published article (with a second on the same subject to follow soon)

Converting the attic into a fully functioning sexual torture chamber.

Skatistan fundraiser jam at the Boneyard, raising £500 to split between the park and Skatistan.

Completing a Chaos Cultist army from scratch and coming third in the Armies on Parade Competition.

Watching ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’.

Repatriating my collection of books from Coventry (aka the kiddy paranormal library)

Visiting Boscastle, Snowshill, Edinburgh, London, Ludlow and all the adventures inbetween.

Continuing to Wake up with Die every morning.

There’s been some proper guff things happen this year too, like Adrian dying and assorted hassles, but overall we’ve come through it. 2015 is already shaping up to be full of potential radness what with Milla and Billy visiting in the Autumn and Die and I’s ten year anniversary in April. With the last few hours remaining until the clock reals around into another shard of measured time, I’ve got to go shopping, finalise a potentially neck-breaky costume and hopefully finish off a Genestealer Patriarch.

Happy New Year you beautiful things.

Mon, Dec. 8th, 2014, 09:04 pm

Again, the amount of journals I feel I should be writing falls short of what I expect myself to be, so boo to that situation. It’s not that I consider these scribblings to be an exercise in egotism; they’re just dull regurgitations of what I’ve been up to. However it seems like I’m forgetting things so much easier than I used to and recording them in a manner such as this really helps to preserve all the radness that goes on from time to time. Anyway, enough of reflective justification. I suppose the important thing is the act of transporting words and ideas out of my brainpan onto something else -

as I’ve already mentioned, I can’t correctly recall what I’ve been up to recently in that great a deal. There’s been loads on, but nothing that seems to suggest a linear patter of events, so here’s some random cool things that have happened recently,..

StuffsCollapse )

Right now, Die is wrapping Christmas presents and I'm spending too much time on the interwebs - time for a bath!

Fri, Oct. 17th, 2014, 07:29 pm

So again I’ve made neither time or effort to record all the rad stuff that’s happened recently other than in facespaff form. For this, I am eternally shameful. I’m not sure why I’ve been lurking on it so heavily in the past six months, I imagine it’s something to do with the immediacy of response and the fact that nearly EVERYBODY in the world is on it. However, nothing on there really has the same gravitas (if you can call it that) of recording something like a proper journal entry on LJ. I guess I’m just stuck in the early 2000s which is pretty much like being stuck in the paelolithic in modern terms. It was a time when I had to scan processed photographs (that I got developed in a shop - le gasp!) and spent hours waiting for single songs to download from winmx only to find they were live versions (sometimes better, often not) or completely the wrong song. Anyway, I digress. In short, I feel like the love affair with Facebook is waning and I hope to find the time to write more in this. Let’s see how long this idea lasts eh?

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Oh, Bob recently posted up an edit of the Hamburg skate trip from Ausgust - I have no idea how he managed to put this all together and be rad-dad at the same time, such a champ. Not only that, but Joxu even did a write up which has been published up on Confusuion magazine - we're all internet famous now!!

Tue, Sep. 2nd, 2014, 07:46 am

Agh, I've really got to stop leaving it so long between updates as my memory of the last few months (wtf!!) won't be able to convey how awesome things have been recently. Unfortunately I'm going to bulletpoint a selection of the past radness because it really has been quite a busy time!

All of the things,..Collapse )

I'm sure there's been loads of stuff I've forgotten, but I'll have to let that go lest I stay on here all morning and not get to work!

Fri, May. 2nd, 2014, 08:56 pm

It seems strange to open with an apology, but I feel that the curt announcement of my Nephew's arrival may have seemed somewhat flippant. Truth is, I'm really stoked for Sarah and Val. All Sarah has ever wanted to be was a mother, which is something they will excell at. I'm sure they'll both make amazing parents and I look forward to boring the crap out of Isaac as he grows up. However, his arrival has definitely changed my perceptions of the family unit and I'm a little belligerent of it. I never saw my parents as being potential grandparents, nor my grandparents as great-grandparents. The arrival of Isaac has shuffled us all up created new roles (be they all but in name) and generally made me feel a bit older. I'm sure this overly analytical spat my brain is having with itself will pass like a dog's fart, but for the time being it's hanging like a fug of resentment and guilt.

I fucking hate myself sometimes.

In slightly more cheerful news, the work on the attic is gathering momentum and it should be more-or-less done in it's most basic form today. After the weekend, the electrician arrives to put in the leccy and from then on it's plaster-boarding, window placement and then tidying up, It's been a messy job (the back yard looks like Bartertown) but it'll be amazing once it's clean and painted and we can fill it back up with rad stuffs.

Last night's writer's drinks meeting was thankfully a return to form after Adrian's departure. It was rad to see everyone and even Elaine come out. Can't believe how well she's handled his death. I was really worried on Die's behalf that the group may change for the worse in his absence, but everyone seems to be on point with boozey conversation. Even heard Clive swear too, going to have to get more of that out of him because it's awesome when posh people talk proper filth.

Oh yeah - Bank Holiday weekend this weekend! Not got much planned, Saturday will hopefully be a night out with Stu and Mel and on Sunday the Liverpool goths come to hang out in Chester. Die and I will be hosting our scouse brethren and introducing them to all the radness of the place. Will hopefully get a roll around in some capacity too.


Tue, Apr. 29th, 2014, 11:09 pm

My parents are grandparents and I'm an Uncle.


Sat, Apr. 26th, 2014, 11:00 pm

Easter weekend was a bit rad eh?

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Unfortunately we're back to normal at work, although the exciting news this week is that work has actually started on converting our attic from a sooty, black pit into a Garrett of ill-repute. Will post up progress pictures as the project continues as so far we've only got scaffolding up. When the attic is done we'll be re-decorating downwards, hopefully even getting the front room Morrised up.Be rad to refresh the house and will be so stoked when it's done!

Wed, Apr. 9th, 2014, 01:21 pm

Been a rad couple of weeks! Feel bad for not having posted on here for awhile; the awful lure of Facebook has been snagging me with it’s satisfying immediacy. However, I’m pretty sure I’m over it now, so it’s time to attempt to remember what I’ve been up to for the past fortnight!

Last weekend was a busy affair, nipping over to see Marf and Rich in Nottingham as well as attending the Forgeworld open day. Was also hyped to be able to check out B’s new place in Burton Upon Trent whilst picking up Die. So stoked on the new place, real cosy cottage style house! It was amazing to finally visit Marf and Rich after promising to see them for the past two years. We had a great time catching up, listening to good music and playing around with the printing press before watching some zombie cult cinema.  On the Sunday Die and I headed over to Warhammer World to see lots of little men and the people who make them. I had an amazing time getting to talk to all the designers and sculptors, so grateful that Die was so patient with me being such a lamer! We were lucky enough to have the following day off too, so we had a real lazy day main-lining Carnivale and eating loads of legal cake.* Oh, we also celebrated out 9th anniversary that week too, time as flown!

This past weekend Die and I visited a rad little antique place in Birkenhead as well as Birkenhead Priory, which was a little gem of a place sat between an industrial park and Camal Larids Shipbuilders. It’s a strangley sad and neglected place, but had some really interesting exhibitions, including the remains of a sacrificial grim that was discovered in-situ in one of the walls – lovely to think of a ghostly ram guarding the place at night! The Saturday evening saw Mel and Peake visit for dinner as well as booze and crappily comical Chinese action movies. It was awesome to catch up with them, even though my crumble was a bit weak - no grade in home economics for me. Thankfully we had shitloads of ice-cream to cover any lameness on my part! Yesterday was a very lazy day, but I did go out for a skate at the Boneyard with Fabio which was fun. It was great to finally meet him after talking online for months, be good to get some more sessions in with him once he gets a board set up!

Finally got around to visiting the new indoor park in Warrington last week and it’s proper good. Even though I usually detest ‘fake’ street courses in indoor parks, I’ve not ventured out of this one to even explore the rest of the park as it really is good fun. Maybe I need to swallow my pride and just enjoy skating whatever a little more. Hopefully get a few clips from there soon as one of the Chester crew has asked if I want to be involved with a new vid he’s making – already got a line at Deeside which I'm pretty stoked with.

The past week has been pretty busy at work with loads of prep for the annual road-shows going on. Just found out that work on the attic can start in the next fortnight, which is well exciting - den times ahoy! Unfortunately we’ve got a funeral to go on Friday as Adrian from Chester Writers passed away. However, it’s a blessing really as he died before the Motor Neurone Disease made his life even more awkward than it was becoming. Still, I’ll miss his acidic wit and writing, which often involved bodily fluids and poop.

*Food legality is serious business right now – Die and I are doing our best to stay off gluten as much as possible as I’ve felt loads better recently with my AS off it and Die is hoping it’ll stop them from feeling so tired. So far it's working for me, really missing all the bread and cakes though!

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