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we shall be drunk on stars

we shall fear nothing

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7 October 1983
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I am Mark. I travel, I skateboard and I like to learn about things. I am attached to the siyamau who shall make the earth tremble. I am an alumni of Coventry University, departing with Politics and History. There is never an end.

 photo IMG_7713_zps3313c34d.jpg

Die and I, Snowshill Manor, July 2014


Hiding the hair - Photo by Gaz Taylor


A picture of me drawn by my besterest friend in the whole world, Joxa.
151, 80's, 80's goth, alan rickman, annie lennox, anthony stewart head, anthropomorphics, apoptygma berzerk, archaism, ba:ku, barrier kvlt, bauhaus, ben fogle, black metal, blackadder, boscastle, buffy, burnt face man, cakes, castles, chaos magic, charles paget wade, chester, chivalry, climbing trees, cold weather, concrete oddities, coventry, crap films, crumble, cynicism, dancing with myself, deathrock, devo, disassembling religion, dreamland, dv8 festival, ebm, el duce, english heritage, entropy, enya, epic skatepark, eschatology, frontside rocks, frost, fun, games workshop, ghosthunting, ghosts, gin, ginger wine, gothic architecture, gothic revival, graveyards, harry potter, history, industrial, jason jessee, jello biafra, john cardiel, johnny rad, jonathan meades, lard, lenora carrington, local history, long hair, looking for animal chin, lots of tea, manners, markets, maths and horlicks, medieval art, michael wincott, midnight records, mindless nostelgia, ministry, miranda richardson, misfits, museums, my muse, my wooden wife, national trust, nature, neo-gothic architecture, nin, o children, occultism, old punk, old skateboards, old things, orwell, painting, pantheism, photography, piracy, political science, pre-raphaelite art, procrastinating, pugin, ravenclaw, rocky horror, ronald hutton, rozz williams, sisters of mercy, skateboarding, skinny puppy, snowshill manor, the national trust, the pube muppet, the siyamau, transitions, travelling, vert, victoriana, vnv nation, wallrides, whitby, wilde, william morris, willow rosenberg, witchcraft museum, wyld stallyns

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